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北京世都房地产经纪有限公司是一个快速发展的著名的房地产经纪公司,由具有高资格的管理人和经纪人组成。 我公司主要为住在北京的外籍人士和外国组织机构以及中国客户提供北京公寓, 北京别墅, 北京写字楼, 北京商用物业和北京工业物业的租赁和买卖专业服务。

For Your Home, Your Fortune, Your Life...

Residential Property Department (apartments, villas)    住宅部(公寓、别墅)  Click to Top

The service as agent of residential property is the central work of our company, having already become acknowledged leaders in all aspects of real estate service in Beijing. As one of the largest real estate agencies in Beijing, we have over a hundred specialist real estate agents coming from all over the world, from countries such as France, Germany, Korea, Russia, and Holland, as well as specialist agents and professional managers with international education and work experiences. We resort to excellent agents and make tight working teams so as to provide the best solution plans for our costumers and to ensure our highest efficiency. We want to expand nationally to provide an even more perfect service for our customers.  
  • Property Introduction & Negotiation: Provide property options and professional opinions based on clients?needs and preferences, property viewing, lease and purchase negotiation with landlords, contract stipulating and signing, and utilize our experiences to obtain the best possible terms based on clients?requirements.
  • Settling-in Service: Assistant in moving, property inspections, check-in, tenant registration, temporary residency permit, car rentals, and maid or driver hiring upon request.
  • Tenancy Management: Perform periodical review of tenants? satisfaction, mediation with landlords, tenancy renewals and negotiations, early termination management, payment arrangement and deposit retrievals.



Individual Relocation Services   人调差安家服务     Click to Top

We offer our customer  satisfying relocation program, which is package of relocation-related services through our relationships with brand name companies. Our One Stop and Shop package gives your employees the following comprehensive services:  


  • Airport pick-up

  • Departing City Home Sales

  • Departing City Home Rental

  • Departing City Counseling

  • China Orientation Tour

  • Temporary Housing Options

  • Comprehensive New Resident Information Package

  • House Search Tour

  • Detailed Property Information

  • Lease and/or Purchase Negotiation

  • Cross Cultural Training

  • Spousal Job Search

  • Hospital Registration

  • Medical Registration

  • Medical/Life/Unemployment Insurances

  • School Registration for the Children

  • Introduction to neighborhoods

  • Introduction to banking services

  • Sports facilities and health clubs

  • Home furnishings

  • Assistance with Chinese language study

  • Introduction to Public Transportation

  • 机场迎接

  • 原居住城市房屋出售

  • 原居住城市房屋出租

  • 原居住城市房屋咨询

  • 中国安家向导

  • 临时住所选择

  • 全面的新住所服务包

  • 房屋查询向导

  • 物业信息咨询

  • 买方和/或租房洽谈

  • 跨过文化培训

  • 配偶工作查询

  • 医院登记

  • 医疗登记

  • 医疗、养老、失业保险

  • 子女入学登记



Welcome to the Beautiful Country of China

No matter what condition and which step you are in,  

we are here to be with you... ...

Enterprise Relocation Services              企业调差安家服务          Click to Top

When it's your job to relocate new employees or transfer existing ones from one country to another, you may find it challenging. It can become a headache just thinking about it! Things like the selling or renting of the transferees existing house, moving household goods and them or choosing a good school for the children, can really make you sweat.

Don't worry, we are here to share the load with you. Our famous One Stop and Shop package will provide a solution to all problems related to relocation of your employees and give a good start to this new area in their life. 


现在, 您不用担心了, 我们会为您排忧解难. 我们著名的"一站式"服务包会帮助你解决所有与员工调差安家的有关问题, 并且会使他们的新生活有一个良好的开端.


With our help, you will feel like arrived at home ... ...


Commercial Property Department (office buildings) 商用楼宇部(写字楼)Click to Top

The Commercial Property Department provides specialist assistance for dealing with all kinds of requirements from national enterprises, in terms of structure, offices and representative offices in the area of Beijing. Through our professional services, we intend to find the most satisfying areas for our clients, as well as the most efficient, ideal and low cost property.  


  • Client Representation -- We entrust ourselves to our clients, with full power responsibility and give ample consideration to all aspects of property requirements from our customers, as well as representing our clients and discussing business and all matters regarding leases with the developers and the proprietors.

  • Project promotion -- Our special case examining teams provide an all aspect market promotion service for developers and large proprietors regarding all kinds of office property.

  • Buying and selling of property -- We can be entrusted with the selling and buying of whole buildings and large areas of office property. 

  • 客户代表 - 接受客户的委托,全权负责发并完全充分考虑客户对物业各方面的要求和愿望,与发展商和业主洽谈有关租务的一切事宜。

  • 项目推广 - 我们的专案小组为开发商及大业主的各类办公物业提供全方位市场推广服务,量身定作完美方案。

  • 物业买卖 - 接受对整栋楼宇和大面积办公物业的买卖委托。

Retail Property Department  (Commercial)   零售部(商铺)             Click to Top

As the representative and cooperation partner for national and international retailers, the       Commercial Retail Department provides project planning, development and knowledge regarding the commercial market, with a full understanding and ability to manage the needs of commercial retailing, helping them finish their plans for expansion.

The Commercial Retail Department provides all sorts of proprietors and developers with an all round property management, as well as dealing with business and sales planning, and business orders, which include:

  • Project feasibility research/market surveys

  • Rental forecast

  • Design, planning and furnishing of shopping centers

  • Commercial makeup and bypass flow of people and cars

  • Market and leaseholder orientation

  • Advice on renovation and furnishing 



  • 项目可行性研究/市场调研

  • 租金预测

  • 购物中心设计,规划和布置

  • 购物动线组合和人车分流计划

  • 市场定位和租户定位

  • 翻新改造的建筑与装饰建议

Project Department       项目部            Click to Top

Based on its accurate knowledge of market requirements, its rational judgment of the market and its timely acquaintance with the market conditions, the Program Department provides specialist program offers, lease promotion and executes plans according with the developer's and proprietor's demands.

1. The Leasing Program-- Applies our company's formidable net profits to carry out cooperation between developers and the property management of a whole building ready for leasing, using our company's professional leasing experience and our accumulation of customer knowledge. At the same time, in this whole building leasing program, our company offers to operate the relocation of furniture and electrical equipment as well as the arranging of a second time property management, so that the apartment building comes to enjoy a good service and so as to push forward the market. 

2. According to each case's particular situation and the special needs of the property developers, we combine our company's special vocational skills in the leasing and in the drive of the sale strategy so as to assist the developers in their targets of completing the program sales.

3. The exclusive agencies of developers and the big proprietors leasing the apartments can use specialist managerial personnel transferred from the Program Department to establish a special leasing program department for working out the specializations of the property management, for reasonable promotion and an implementation plan and to provide a perfect after sale service for the customers that will have moved in at a later stage. 






Investment Department       投资部            Click to Top

The Investment Department of provides advice and suggestions for people who want to buy a home and for investors in the real estate sphere, including, but not being limited to, apartments, villas, office buildings, commercial buildings, workshops, land and other products. This department uses the company's huge system network and teams with many agents, and combines the price level, market tendencies, investment retributions, investment risks and other elements in the program, providing investors with a variety of types of investment, ranging from individual event investment to combined investment of different scales.



Project Marketing      营销企划             Click to Top

Market research, analytical studies 

  • Macro and regional analysis

  • Competition research and analytical studies

  • Market capacity, development and competition analysis

  • Consumer trends and form analysis

  • Product trend analysis

  • Publicity and analysis of marketing strategies

  • Characteristics of the continued programs, pros and cons,

  • Opportunities and competition analysis for projects.



  • 宏观及区域业务分析

  • 竞争项目调查与项目研究

  • 市场容量发展与竞争分析

  • 消费趋势及形态分析

  • 产品形态趋势分析

  • 宣传推广及营销测略走势分析

  • 所承接项目特点及项目优势、劣势、机会、竞争分析

Product orientation, consultancy for early-stage plans 

  • Customer targeting orientation 

  • Area development advice

  • Product orientation advice

  • Product detail advice (including style of building, apartment layouts, layout design, environment, assortment, etc.)

  • Property management and content of services as well as other related added services

  • Consultancy for plans related to other product details


  • 目标顾客定位

  • 分区开发建议

  • 产品细节(包括建筑风格、户型对比、户型设计、环境、配套等)建议

  • 物业管理与服务内容及其相关增值服务建议

  • 其他相关产品特策划顾问

Product and Market Integration Consultancy 

  • Consulting for planning, design, market considerations and suitability

  • Advice for product details, expert proof and other related advice

  • Whole course product consultancy 


  • 规划、设计及市场前瞻性、适应性顾问

  • 针对产品细节的专家论证及相关建议

  • 全程产品顾问

Publicity and Marketing Strategy  

  • Whole course promotion and marketing strategy

  • Whole course promotion phases and drawing up of strategies

  • Plan name and periodical promotion scheme

  • Product characteristics and market shape integrated scheme

  • Packaging plan for sale office and construction site

  • Sales consultancy for whole course, including sales organization, management, training, supervision and control, and strategic planning, as well as other support  work


  • 全程推广及营销规划

  • 全程推广阶段及策略制定

  • 案名及阶段性推广主题语策划

  • 产品特色及市场整合形象策划

  • 售场及工地包装策划

  • 全程销售顾问,包括销售组织、管理、培训、监控及策略等支持工作

Sales Execution  

  • Permanent sale location

  • Handing over of closed cases and supervision and control of service quality

  • Establishment of a system for customer relation management

  • Lease and sales, and terminal marketing service


  • 驻场全程销售

  • 结案交接及全程服务监控

  • 客户关系管理体系建立

  • 租售联动及双终端营销服务

Property Management     物业管理           Click to Top

We provide specialized property management services for sixty thousand square metres of commercial and residential space. Our quality service standards are subject to ongoing review ensuring the highest standard of managerial service across the board.

Through our extensive experience in both building and tenancy management, as well as the provision of Technical Support Services, we can enhance the capital and rental values of all properties under our management.   



Our property management services include:

  • Tenancy Management

  • Security Services

  • Repair and Maintenance

  • Cleaning

  • Fire Consultancy and Risk Assessment

  • Car Park Management

  • Environmental Protection, Hygiene and Safety Management

  • Landscape Management

  • Financial Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Fit-out Control 



  • 租赁管理

  • 保安服务

  • 修理和维护

  • 保洁

  • 防火咨询和风险评估

  • 汽车停车场管理

  • 环境保护、卫生和安全管理

  • 景物管理

  • 财务管理

  • 质量保证

  • 装潢管理

Construction Consultancy   建筑顾问            Click to Top

We offers building consultancy and the overall drafting of projects to all kinds of property management and commercial promotion, including:  


  • Project management

  • Building survey

  • Reorganization and expansion of large buildings

  • Style of new building and layout of apartments  

  • 工程管理

  • 楼宇测量

  • 大厦改扩建

  • 新楼盘户型建筑风格建议  

Our senior program managers, architects, interior designers and engineers work to reach the estimated completion dates and the level of quality required, offering all-rounded suggestions and being able to achieve the expected results in terms of research reliability, space design, planning, and supervising and control for the completion of the project. 



Investigation Study and Consultancy   调查研究及顾问        Click to Top

The Study Consultancy Department can provide all-rounded services ranging from the actual planning to the execution of a project, market orientation, basic cost of sales, investment and analysis of network risks, etc., analyzing thoroughly the program and offering specialist program reliability analysis, a market strategy and suggestions for investing and promotion, thus creating a perfect development program and allowing our customers to obtain the best retributions from their investment within the most reasonable time.  


Scopes of Services

  • Market surveys and research

  • Investment environment research

  • Investment advice

  • Program combination advice


  • 市场调查与研究

  • 投资环境研究

  • 投资咨询

  • 项目综合顾问

Mobile / WeChat: 

 [email protected]



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